Rebecca Rinaldi: This girl is on 🔥fire, unapologetically

Rebecca Rinaldi ( @rebecca.rinaldi , ) and I share some of our most difficult solo travel experiences with loneliness and anxiety. We discuss pain, heartbreak, and why my 8 year relationship didn’t work out (spilling the tea, #thankunext)

Rebecca Rinaldi is a writer, coach, and a connection & communication specialist in intentional living and traveling. She is a digital nomad and solopreneur.

She wants all of you fiery women to know: Do not apologize to people for your fire. Burn. Engulf. Blaze into a wondrous mess of beauty. You should not water yourself down to be more palatable for a wider audience. You are whiskey neat. Do not ever apologize to people because they don’t like the burn.”

Note: As mentioned my show trailer we recorded this in my favourite coffee shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Also, this doesn’t normally happen but there is a tiny bit of buzzing at the beginning, but it comes in and out and only lasts for the first couple of minutes.  

Be sure to check out the trailer and episode #1: Zoe’s Muay Thai fight camp 🥊winning & losing by knockout🏆

TRAVEL TRAIN CREATE is a podcast by @BeccaTheSun about creative, athletic, and entrepreneurial endeavours. You are always one decision away from a totally different life. Soul nourishing, gut spilling, & heart pouring conversations. We are all in this together. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, or your favourite podcast app.

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