Alberto Nodale, Mr World Austria ’19👑: Instagram followers vs. legacy 📈

Alberto Nodale ( , @albertonodale ) gets very honest & forthcoming about being an Instagram famous fitness & lifestyle model, his mistakes in building a personal brand, and how he feels about being titled “the most desirable man in Austria”. I ask him about how a lot of people are jaded by his type of Instagram feed, one that is clearly curated and edited to perfection (with beachy & shirtless modelling photos!).

Alberto Nodale founded an award-winning startup at the age of 21. At 28 years old, he is Mister Austria 2017/2018 representing his home country at Mister World 2019 in July. As an influencer & content creator, he grew to over 50,000 Instagram followers in 3 years. Alberto trains 5-7 times a week at the gym while balancing several creative projects and branding deals with his fitness and lifestyle modelling. He is a digital nomad and sales speaker & coach.Be sure to check out:

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