How to Grow in a Negative Environment

☀️To grow and endure at the same time, aim for the sun. Sunflowers grow by rotating their heads to track the sun.

Environmental resilience 🌻 if your emotional environment is negative:
1. Detach your sense of meaning from others, even if temporarily
2. This may be painful because you either love or deeply respect them, but you’ll soon realize that loyalty to others does not mean a betrayal of your own authenticity
3. Is your purpose in life really to fulfill other people’s concepts of you? As long as you are facing them and not the sun, you’ll be depleted of energy and nourishment.
4. Show, don’t tell. I have proven people wrong to the core of their ideologies over and over again because I decided that I’d rather invest the time I’d otherwise waste in explaining myself on doing the damn thing.
5. Of course you must not be fueled by the desire to prove people wrong because they may never admit or agree with your definition of success. The question is a choice: are you going to live your life on their terms or your OWN?
6. Being fueled by your own conviction will lead to greatness. F**k arguing with them. Are you trying to win an argument or win at LIFE?

We feel most hurt by those closest to us because they are the ones who have the most access to us.

Face the sun.