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I am 24, training in Muay Thai, creating content, and living in Thailand.

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As a young girl, I wanted to be Mulan

I was raised with traditional Chinese values and I learned kungfu from my father, a former provincial athlete from Szechuan (“Sichuan”), China. As a teenager, I was a national gold medalist on the Canadian Junior Wushu Team and competed at the 1st World Junior Kungfu Championships in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My work as a hustler and content creator is based in the martial art philosophy of refining my craft through the lifelong and never-ending pursuit of mastery.

I grew up performing

My core self will forever be the multi-disciplined, nerdy, Asian girl with a different athletic / artistic / academic extra-curricular activity ever day of the week.

I put heart into my hustle

Before I knew anything about sales, I was fundraising and generating sponsorship for non-profits and charitable events through out high school and university. I closed record-setting deals as the head of sponsorship for a national business & technology non-profit. As a cold-caller at my university’s alumni call centre, I won an award for the acquiring the highest number of credit card donations.

Once I understood that the professional world would define this talent as “sales”, I sought out an apprenticeship with the very best. Following the student-master martial arts approach, I pitched silicon valley & startup sales expert Steli Efti on mentoring me.

He agreed. That summer, I completed a paid internship with Close.io, a successful software startup founded by Steli and his co-founders from the high profile startup accelerator, Y-Combinator. I was the 6th person in their Palo Alto apartment office. In a whirlwind of events, I became the primary salesperson qualifying people who had signed up for the software’s free trial and setting them up to speak with the Head of Sales.

I’ve been remote/location-independent since the beginning of my career

My internship with Close.io had gone so well that they asked me to drop out of school that summer and move to Palo Alto. I insisted on completing my studies and staying in Toronto with my family and then-boyfriend. Following that summer, I graduated with an HBA from Ivey Business School.

That year, Close.io made the pivotal decision operate their business as a fully remotely one. One week after I wrote my final university exams, I started my career as a remote consultant and technical salesperson for Close.io.

The nature of sales and remote work is extremely mentally & physically challenging. It simply is not for everyone. For me, it was the perfect storm, as it represented what I have an intoxicating love for – being a rare commodity in my field. The flexibility and isolation challenged my personal accountability & discipline while allowing me to savour the little things in life.

I had more hours than my peers & fellow new grads to invest in my training and nutrition. I could do my meal-prepping, grocery shopping, and gym sessions at any hour of the day. In the summer, I loved that I could do my laundry and hang them on the front porch under the bright afternoon sun while making sales calls on my deck.

I had the honour of working with the best team in our industry while traveling around the world for team retreats in Berlin, Germany; Dublin, Ireland; Santa Barbara, California; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Lisbon, Portugal.

2018 was my most transformational year

As a salesperson, my stats to date include 1500+ hours of sales calls, hundreds of thousands of sales emails, and millions in revenue generated. In my third and final year with Close.io, I closed record-setting deals while having three “extra-curricular” projects that accelerated my growth:

  • I founded, hosted, & produced a series of 20 episodes for the Close.io Women in Sales Podcast
  • I invested in myself professionally started working with coach Lauren Laforge in her sales training program. Close.io co-sponsored me.
  • I landed my first side hustle doing sales consulting for an early stage software startup.

I relentlessly follow my heart & take risks

Unrelated to my success & happiness at Close.io, that same year, I experienced anxiety and panic attacks regularly for the first time as an adult. I was deeply unhappy in my relationship. I developed a binge eating disorder. I self-inflicted a belief of unworthiness and social isolation.

I was not living in alignment. I was frustrated that my life wasn’t set up in a way where I could study & train in martial arts daily. I realized my desire to get to the heart of meaningful work through creativity. Friends, family, strangers, and the women on my podcast were telling how naturally good I was at hosting, writing, and producing content.

That fall, I took what my dear friend & daily accountability buddy said was a “a big fat swing at life”. I quit my role at Close.io, exited my 7 year relationship with my first, and embarked on the most important athletic and creative endeavour to me.

My content shows people how to overcome adversity and embrace their darkness.

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rarest and beautiful of them all”


I self-recovered from binge eating and lost all the weight I gained and more.

I learned how to manage my anxiety with clinical counsellor Julia Olsen.

My side hustle of sales consulting became my main gig and since then I’ve been a solopreneur. I led the go-to-market launch of my early-stage software client from pre-MVP to public beta.

Steli Efti, the first CEO I ever worked for; Nick Persico, my dear mentor and manager; and the entire team at Close.io were my #1 supporters in my life transition.

I have been working with coach Lauren LaForge to this day. Her business coaching program helped me transition into becoming an location independent business consultant.

In January 2019, I arrived in Thailand to train in Muay Thai and create content.

I want everyone to know that they deserve to be productive and look hot while they’re at it.

I document the rain and the shine, because that’s what real growth takes. I share real & raw updates on my training, nutrition, mental health, and productivity. I focus on sustainable eating, binge freedom, #selflove, and #bodypositivity.

My Instagram is public and occasionally includes sexy photos. I know that my professional network and clients may come across my profile. I’ve ruminated on this and ultimately settled on knowing that my self-expression does not diminish what my resume and gold medals have to show for.

I champion that we should all take off our facades and let the truth speak for itself & set us free. As a woman who loves to hustle 💵, travel🌎, train🏋️‍♀️, and create🌟, if I want to be sexy while I’m at it, why shouldn’t I?

As a big sister, I have athletically coached and professionally mentored many young people. I share candid and unglamorous photos of my “imperfections“. I am the real deal who earns the respect of my followers through transparency and consistency.

My work is not simply about building a professional network or resume – it’s about building a community.

My daily work affirmation: I do work that I love, with people that I love.

Life is too short for anything else. On the note of death, I highly recommend this monologue by Sam Harris.

“I’m trying to get up to the summit of my soul and work there, up where the universe sings”

Lawrence Harris, Canadian artist and pioneering member of the Group of Seven

I live life with conviction

A game-changer in my binge eating recovery was working with my coach, Lauren LaForge, through a positive self-talk program. She taught me how to create affirmations and include them in my daily routine. Before I went through the darkest chapter of my 2018, I did not know exactly what was out of alignment in my life.

I simply followed her assignment and ended up writing one of the most significant affirmations I have ever made: “I am living life with conviction through traveling, training, and creating”.

In March 2019, I launched my podcast, TRAVEL TRAIN CREATE, about creative, athletic, and entrepreneurial endeavours. Life is one big adventure, and you are always one decision away from a totally different life. Soul nourishing, gut spilling, & heart pouring conversations. We document the process, rain or shine. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, or your favourite podcast app.


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