Alberto Nodale ( , @albertonodale ) founded an award-winning startup at the age of 21. At 28 years old, he is Mister Austria 2017/2018 and will be proudly representing his home country at Mister World 2019 in July.

  • His honest and behind-the-scenes take on being an influencer
  • His mistakes in building his personal brand
  • How he feels about being titled “the most desirable man in Austria
  • The truth about his perfectly curated and edited feed

He also happens to be my amazingly talented former colleague at a tech startup, where we used to crush it and closed deals worth millions of revenue!

As an influencer & content creator, Alberto grew to over 50,000 Instagram followers in 3 years. He trains 5-7 times a week at the gym while balancing several creative projects and branding deals with his personal brand. He is a digital nomad and sales speaker & coach. 

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