Rebecca Rinaldi: This girl is on 🔥fire, unapologetically

Rebecca Rinaldi ( @rebecca.rinaldi , ) and I share some of our most difficult solo travel experiences with loneliness and anxiety. We discuss pain, heartbreak, and why my 8 year relationship didn’t work out (spilling the tea, #thankunext)

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Zoe: Muay Thai 🥊 winning & losing by knockout

Zoe has had 2 fights within 3 weeks: her first fight was a win via knockout, but her second fight was a loss. This is her journey of stepping into a Muay Thai ring and what she’s learned from getting knocked out & getting right back up. Zoe shares how she dealt with her solo travel anxiety and how she’s been able to let go of expectations & timelines .

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Trailer: You’re always 1 decision away from a totally different life🌠

Announcing the launch of Travel Train Create, a podcast by @BeccaTheSun about creative, athletic, and entrepreneurial endeavours. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, or your favourite podcast app.  

After overcoming a year full of personal setbacks, I decided it was time to start living my one precious life as an epic adventure. I quit my full-time job, became a solopreneur, and exited a nearly 8 year relationship with my first. One month a half ago, I arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand to do what this podcast is named after. I began my creative endeavour as a writer & content creator, as well as my athletic endeavour as a martial artist, training in Muay Thai, the sport of Thai kickboxing.

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