Reinvention: How To Become Yourself

I evolve faster than anyone I know but this year I did it all….

To be the sun, you have to burn.

1. Self-improvement is an industry, not your life purpose – and it’s overrated. You’re not trying to be like that guru who wakes up at 4am, you’re trying to be YOU. Self-acceptance is authenticity; authenticity is happiness. Heal what broke you, then rise from the ashes.
2. Own it – your flaws are your superpower; a flaming sword you must learn to skillfully wield. Repressing your darkness will hurt and deceive others and yourself. Internalize: Internal Lies.
3. Cycles – it’s not the problems, it’s the false solutions. We delude ourselves with our own unconscious thought patterns; narratives of who we think we must be instead of who we are. Let go of the new, cool, and glamorous – therapy/clinical counseling is the real deal.
4. “You are always one decision away from a totally different life.” “Sometimes your life is falling apart because it’s time to create one for who you truly are.”
And when it does, you’ll realize it was the greatest thing to ever happen to you, and that fear was the only thing holding you back until you could no longer keep holding onto what was destroying you. “Sometimes God breaks your heart to save your soul.” (*quote sources unknown)
5. You get 90 days four times a year — that’s all you get. You will never get this moment back. As such, be selective with your time and energy. You are who/what you spend your time on, so #thankunext ruthlessly.

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