#GirlsClub Top 50 Sales Women to Watch in 2019 | List

Layan Kutob, Former President of Nspire Innovation Network
Rebecca is an incredible leader, and an exceptionally talented, motivated and dedicated individual who’s been driving Nspire’s business development at full force. With her boundless perseverance, commitment, resilience, and “push forward” attitude, Rebecca has built long lasting relationships and partnerships for Nspire. She’s worked closely with each and every sponsor, putting all her efforts into delivering high levels of excellence for each. With her professionalism, determination and efforts, she’s managed to raise $65,000 in sponsorship. I’ve received nothing but great feedback on her work ethics and excellence from partners and sponsors. Rebecca sees the light at the end of the tunnel and every time she hits a wall, she recovers in no time and moves on into something even bigger and more ambitious. She’s a true gem, I admire her so much, and foresee a bright future for her. I wish her all the best with her future endeavours.

Brent Allen, CFP FMA, Senior Vice-President Distribution Operations at IG Wealth Management
Rebecca was an exceptional leader and delivered excellent value to our team at Investors Group as the lead consultant for the PDPC at UWO. We challenged her team to come up tangible solutions to grow our mortgage and lending busienss by 250% over the next 3 years. The results were exceptional and the quality of the report was well beyond our expectations. Rebecca is extremely talented and would be an asset to your organization.