Rebecca Rinaldi ( @rebecca.rinaldi , ) wants all of you fiery souls to know:

Do not apologize to people for your fire. Burn. Engulf. Blaze into a wondrous mess of beauty. You should not water yourself down to be more palatable for a wider audience. You are whiskey neat. Do not ever apologize to people because they don’t like the burn.

Rebecca Rinaldi is a writer, coach, and a connection & communication specialist in intentional living and traveling. She is a digital nomad and solo-entrepreneur.

  • Solo travel is hard AF – we share some of of most difficult moments
  • How to overcome heartbreak, loneliness, and anxiety 
  • Why my 8 year relationship with my first boyfriend ended
  • We both used to think we were better than other women for having mostly male friends 

(Audio: we recorded this in my favourite coffee shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Also, this doesn’t normally happen but there is a tiny bit of buzzing at the beginning, but it comes in and out and only lasts for the first couple of minutes.)

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