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Sometimes your life is falling apart for you to create one that supports who you truly are


  • Weighed the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life due to binge eating disorder
  • Began regularly experiencing anxiety attacks
  • Realized that the my first boyfriend of 8 years, the person I thought would be my husband, wasn’t it.
  • Realized that the career I thought was going to be my life’s work, wasn’t it.
  • Wrote a letter to myself on my 24th birthday

October 2018

  • Fully self-recovered from binge eating and lost all the weight I gained
  • Became confidently single
  • Reinvented my career
  • Began clinical counselling for anxiety 

You are always one decision away from a totally different life

3 months later: January 2019

  • Solo traveled and lived in Thailand for 6 months
  • Fought my first fight ever in Muay Thai
  • Modelled in my first bikini photoshoot
  • Self-directed a campaign featuring female martial artists
  • Started a YouTube channel
  • Started my book manuscript on binge eating self-recovery

To be the sun, you first have to burn 


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